Global Cooperation Award 2012

The BC Council for International Cooperation (BCCIC) is proud to present the 2012 Global Cooperation Award recipients!

Global Citizen’s Initiative: Alaina Podmorow

Global Citizen’s Leadership: Jessica Fraser

Commitment to Global Cooperation: Kamloops Firefighters Operation Nicaragua

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BCCIC would like to acknowledge all of the amazing entries for 2012!

Global Citizen’s Initiative: Jeremy Bally, Tanja Bergen , Sara Eftekar  

Global Citizen’s Leadership: Catherine Douglas, David Sakaki, Dave Talbot, Fatima Al-Samak, Harsha Walia,

Julie Drolet , Kristi Kenyon, Lynn Thornton, Mark Jennings - Bates, Mary Weston, Ralph & Donna Bromley, Umeeda Switlo

Commitment to Global Cooperation: Hope for the Nations, The Justice Institute of BC, Nicaraguan Children's Foundation


Introducing the 2012 Global Cooperation Award Recipients!

Global Citizen’s Initiative: Alaina Podmorow

Alaina Podmorow is a 15 year old young lady who is presently a grade 10 student at Aberdeen Hall university preparatory school in Kelowna B.C. Alaina is the founder of Little Women for Little Women in Afghanistan and is passionate in her commitment to enforce universal human rights. Alaina is an avid soccer and basketball player, track and cross country runner and loves snowboarding in the winter.

In 2006, Alaina was inspired into action after attending a speech in her community by Canadian journalist, author and human rights activist, Sally Armstrong. Alaina learned about the human rights violations that had befallen Afghan girls. Alaina could not believe there were girls in Afghanistan that were not given the same rights and freedoms she experienced every day. Alaina started Little Women for Little Women in Afghanistan in the spring of 2007. Since 2007, Little Women has raised almost $400,000 and have started teams of “Littles” across Canada and now into the United States. Alaina has just returned from her first trip to Afghanistan and was able to visit the projects that Little Women are helping to fund.

Alaina has currently focused the work of Little Women to establishing rural libraries; although she is passionate in her goal to one day create athletic programs for Afghan girls in hope that it can be integrated into the school curriculum. Alaina speaks across the country to youth and adults about the need for education and basic human rights for girls and women in Afghanistan.

Alaina and Little Women are featured in a youth documentary series and Alaina is speaking across the country, engaging both youth and adult audiences in the necessity to take action and educate. Alaina’s motto that “education=peace” is always emphasized in both her work and her words. Her belief is that if we can educate everyone, peace will follow.

Check out Little Women for Little Women in Afghanistan


Global Citizen’s Leadership: Jessica Fraser


Jess is the co-creator of Mobile Movement – a 21st century crowd-funding and mentoring platform for international NGOs and the people they partner with. Dedicated to bringing trust and transparency back to global giving, Mobile Movement provides smart phones, training and a public platform to economically disadvantaged entrepreneurs and community leaders and supports them in telling their stories, generating creative partnerships, and receiving mentorship and investments. It offers micro-philanthropists and mentors the opportunity to interact with an International NGO’s initiative from start to finish, facilitating a powerful transfer of knowledge and resources that ensure people at the bottom of the pyramid are seen, heard and supported in an unprecedented way. 

Jess values progressive ideas that create significant change and make courage contagious. An experienced creative film producer, she has worked on features and documentaries that have competed at Cannes, Berlin and Toronto International Film Festivals. Recently, in tandem with Mobile Movement, she has turned her attention to getting short, impact based pieces into boardrooms and policy-making arenas in order to facilitate dialogue and exchange. A recent piece profiling Young Yemeni Entrepreneurs helped mobilize resources that have impacted tens of thousands of youth in Yemen and the broader Arab world.

Check out the Mobile Movement Project


Commitment to Global Cooperation: Kamloops Firefighters Operation Nicaragua

Kamloops Firefighters Operation Nicaragua is a collaboration of firefighters, community volunteers, businesses, and partner organizations, both in Canada and in Nicaragua.  The key to our organizations successful delivery of 8 shipping containers and 9 emergency vehicles (with an additional 2 containers and 3 emergency vehicles enroute) is working extensively and with our Nicaraguan partner; the Bomberos (firefighters) of Chinandega and Fire Chief Gerry Caceres.  With this alliance the Chinadega Bomberos conduct extensive surveys of communities in need and facilitate the delivery of items on a household level.  We focus on delivering to households and institutions that have no financial means of purchasing items for themselves, as not to disrupt the local economy.  For example our clothing and shoe distribution targets impoverished seniors and mental institutions, orphanages, garbage dump and fishing communities where self-procurement of these donated items is not feasible.

Gearbulk Shipping and the Conconi Family Foundation are the other essential keys to our operation.  With Gearbulks generous assistance we have virtually eliminated the cost to move the donations from Canada to Nicaragua and the Conconi Family have provided the financial
means to bring several projects to fruition.

Some achievements of the group are: Construction of a community centre in El Limonal, Establishing a fire station in El Veijo, Delivering 9 fire trucks and an ambulance to 5 cities across Nicaragua, equipping 5 hospitals with medical supplies and equipment, providing water
filtration units to hundreds, and clothing thousands of disaster victims and others unable to purchase these items on their own.

It also must be noted that any successes achieved by our group is owed to the countless hours our volunteers contribute, the assistance of numerous businesses and the support of our partner organizations. To summarize; Kamloops Firefighters Operation Nicaragua is less of an
organization and more of a collaboration of hundreds of caring individuals spanning and uniting our globe.

Check them out on Youtube

All nominations were of a superior calibre and the BCCIC would like to thank everyone who participated in this contest. The awards ceremony will take place at 12 noon on Friday September 28th at our AGM.