Teachers Salaries
LW raises money to pay the salaries of Teachers in Afghanistan. In June 2002, $750 was the average annual salary for an Afghan teacher. Thankfully the situation is gradually improving and teacher’s salaries were doubled in October 2009, so this amount of $750 will now pay the salary of a teacher for at least six months.

Teacher Training
LW4LW sends money through Canadian Women for Women in Afghanistan to help support the “Fanoos/Safe Light: Teacher Training in Laghman & Kabul provinces, Afghanistan”.Teachers are learning how to be more effective teachers. The training focuses on creating a higher level of education and hands-on science instruction for an estimated 1,950 teacher trainees. The teacher training helps solve the problem of a shortage of female teachers. Learn More

LW4LW supports a very unique library program within Afghanistan we have named “Light the Village” This program operates with 2 partners: CW4WA‘s “Village Literacy Centres and Libraries Project” and Able Box. This allows Little Women to support different levels of financing with a range from $750 for a small 200 book library to $5000.00 which provides a 500 book library and literacy a teacher. Learn More

School Supplies
We do not collect school supplies here in Canada for Afghan schools. We choose to purchase all school supplies in Afghanistan or neighbouring countries as this not only enhances and supports their economy but also provides the appropriate supplies or text in their language with all cultural sensitivities taken into consideration. There is a great need for Science Lab Starter Kits for schools. We can provide a lab kit to a school for a cost of around $900 each.