Little Women for Women is always popping up in the news and even won a few awards along the way! Check some of the awards Little Women has been lucky enough to win and view some of  the media coverage received over the years!


The Calgary Herald 2013
Nine year old led by example

Kelowna Daily Courier 2013
World needs Day of the Girl


A Very Young Activist’s Reply
A Very Young Activist’s Reply

The Globe and Mail 2012
Video: A teen’s quest to help educate women in Afghanistan

The Province 2012
Kelowna teen feted for helping girls in Afghanistan get an education.

CBC Television 2012
A Kelowna, B.C., 15-year-old will represent Canada at the UN’s first Day of the Girl

Canada Newsline – Press Release 2012
Minister Ambrose announces Honorary Youth Ambassador for first-ever International Day of the Girl.

Gulf Island Driftwood 2012
During her most recent trip to Afghanistan in August, Sally Armstrong sought to learn more about the story of Alaina Podmorrow, a 15-year-old girl from Kelowna.

TEDxKelowna 2012
In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience.

Okanagan Life 2012
Alaina’s work will make a difference. 2012 – Teen recognized for philanthropy
Alaina Podmorrow has done more to ‘change the world’ in her 14 years than most people could hope to do in a dozen lifetimes.

The Globe and Mail 2011
The troops will leave Afghanistan, but our duty is still on the ground

Kelowna Capital News 2011 – Okanagan Kid Named One of 34 Youth Leaders World Wide
The money from Little Women goes to Canadian Women for Women in Afghanistan, which sets up and monitors the projects they get involved with, which are numerous.

Macleans 2011- The Ones to Watch
There’s no shortage of promise among these 11 young Canadians

Butterflys and Wheels 2010
A Very Young Activist’s Reply

Independent World Report 2010 – Little Women, Little Women
Sharmin Afsana interviewed Alaina Podmorow.

Global BC 2010 – Okanagan Girl Wins Award for Charity Work
An Okanagan girl has won a US scholarship for her efforts in helping young women in Afghanistan.

CBC News 2007 – B.C. schoolgirls raise thousands for Afghan girls
Inspired by the plight of young girls in Afghanistan, a group of Grade 5 girls from B.C.’s Okanagan Valley has raised enough money to pay the salaries of five Afghan schoolteachers for one year. 2007 – Okanagan 10-year-old’s fundraising idea raises enough to pay 26 Afghan teachers
What started as one Winfield girl’s inspiration may soon blossom into a national movement.



BC Council for International Cooperation 2012 
Initiated in 2009, these awards recognize organizations and individuals of all ages who have made significant contributions to a global cause. BCCIC is recognizing exemplary efforts of British Columbians in addressing global issues and engaging others on those issues.

Mackenzie Investments’ 2011 Top Teen Philanthropist
Candidates were judged on a number of factors, including: the breadth of their volunteering and fundraising efforts, their leadership and creativity, their hands-on involvement in their philanthropic pursuits, the length and level of their involvement and the impact on their community and their

BT’s Brightest of the Year 2011
We celebrate the kids featured in our BT’s Brightest segments this year.

Huggable Heroes 2010
These young people have devoted countless hours to raising funds and awareness for so many causes.

Canadian Living’s 2008 Me to We Award
The me-to-we spark continues to spread across the country and improve the lives of Canadians and global citizens.