If one person can make a difference in the life of an Afghan girl, imagine if teams of kids could band together to make a powerful force to make a huge difference.

Advisory Committee to the Board
Cassandra and Jordan, both founding members of the 1st team of Little Women for Little Women in Afghanistan, join Alaina as an advisory committee to the Board of Directors. This allows the LW members to report all event outcomes and future outreach programs to the board and assist in implementing all activities.

The Speakers Bureau
The Speakers Bureau was created in the fall of 2009. This project involves training Little Women in public Speaking and then allowing them to reach out from our local community to our national and global community. The Little Women involved in the speakers’ bureau go to schools, community events, and host workshops across the country so to engage and educate youth.
“We must raise awareness all across our country so we can teach youth and adults about the absolute need of education in Afghanistan. It’s the only way to create peace.” Alaina Podmorow, founder
Podmorow has issued a challenge to youth across our country to make a difference. “No matter how little or young you are, you can make a difference.” These girls have made true the philosophy that each and every one of us can make a difference as they continue their work to create peace through education.

We have teams of “Littles” across Canada and United States and have teams as far away as Australia. Our very active Banff chapter was founded by Jemima Maycock, a passionate young activist that has raised thousands of dollars for our organization and has inspired others to take action. She has since moved to Eastern Canada where she will initiate her next team of change makers while leaving a strong team thriving in Banff.

It’s easy to start making a change. Talk to your friends, parents and teachers.
Create a team of kids that want to make change. If everyone works together, great ideas are created, awareness is spread and soon change is happening. We are educating those who didn’t have a chance to exercise that right and we are working together to make a better world through education.

Little Women for Little Women has teams stretching across Canada and the United States. Many of these groups have fundraising events each year, often with a goal of raising enough funds to purchase an Able Box library or sponsor a teacher’s salary.