In September of 2006, Alaina Podmorow was so moved by a speech made by writer, journalist, Sally Armstrong who told the reality of how women and young girls were being treated in Afghanistan. Alaina decided right then, that she would make a difference. Her 1st effort was a silent auction. She committed all funds raised, toward paying the salaries of Teachers in Afghanistan. Her efforts raised enough money to pay the salaries of 4 teachers for 1 year!

Alaina felt a strong sense to continue her efforts. She contacted Canadian Women for Women in Afghanistan and asked if she could join their organization and call herself “Little Women for Little Women in Afghanistan? CW4W in Afghanistan welcomed her with open arms and thus the beginning of this organization.

You will notice a symbol of a red flower throughout our website. Alaina drew this flower the night of her 1st silent auction. The red and green represent the colours of the Afghan flag but, most importantly the flower resembles a bird in flight which Alaina feels is the symbol of the freedom and freedom through peace is what “Little Women” wants to create through education.